Mother of missing toddler Katrice says her family ‘needs closure’ as government review into case is agreed

Katrice Lee went missing 36 years ago
Katrice Lee went missing 36 years ago
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THE devastated mum of a toddler who went missing in 1981 hopes a review into her disappearance will give the family answers.

Sharon Lee from Gosport says her family ‘needs closure’ after her two-year-old 
daughter vanished from a supermarket – never to return.

In the House of Commons on Monday, the newly-appointed defence secretary Gavin Williamson said he would be ‘more than happy’ to sanction a review into Katrice’s case.

The statement came as a response to a question from MP Mike Hill, from Hartlepool – the constituency of the missing toddler’s father.

After hearing about the announcement, Ms Lee said: ‘A review would mean a lot. I hope this means that we might be able to see the case files from 1981 – I have been asking to see them for 16 years but never have.

‘I want to know what the police did when Katrice went missing. The procedures that took place were not correct.’

On November 28 – 36 years ago yesterday – Katrice Lee disappeared from a Naafi store at a military base in Paderborn, on her second birthday.

She had been out shopping with her parents, who were stationed in Germany at the time.

As the date of Katrice’s birthday and disappearance returned for another year, Ms Lee said: ‘This day always reminds me of her. I’ve missed her 16th, 18th and 21st birthdays – and all the years after that.

‘Myself and my daughter Natasha usually let balloons off at the beach, but instead this year we tried to go shopping and have a girly day together – just like we would have done if Katrice was still with us. I never dreamed 36 years on I would still be looking for my daughter.’

Now, a day after Katrice would have turned 38, her mother Sharon ‘wants an ending’ to the mystery surrounding her case.

The 64-year-old said: ‘A child’s birthday is something normal families get to celebrate every year, but we never do.

‘All we want is an ending. I would love to have a happy ending and see Katrice again, but realistically what we need is closure as a family.’

Ms Lee’s plea comes after the government said it would revisit her daughter’s case.

A relaunched probe into Katrice Lee’s death – Operation Bute – is already being carried out by Royal Military Police.