My paws and nose get me into trouble

By Connor Brown
By Connor Brown
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Greetings Chipsters everywhere. Firstly, well done to Connor Brown for colouring in the Christmas tree and making it look dashing.

I’ve been told that this week, I’ve been rather mischevous – although I must make clear, this is through no fault of my own!

Mum and I went to see the pantomime a few nights ago, it was Cinderella and, naturally, I was rather excited.

There we were, watching the damsel in distress battling against her wicked stepmother and stepsisters, when I felt a tickle in my nose. I knew what was about to happen – I was going to sneeze. Achoo! Achoo! Bless you, they said, but with the third sneeze, achoo! The tag on my collar flew off and on to the stage.

I scrambled up there hoping nobody would notice me running after my seemingly forever-rolling metal tag.

I thought that the quicker I moved the quicker it would all be over.

Ah, but I was wrong. In all my scurried efforts to retrieve the tag, I ended up getting one of my back paws caught in a set of lights on the giant Christmas tree that was on stage.

It all happened in slow motion, the tree began to sway, cast members began to duck, but poor old Cinderella was oblivous to what was about to happen to her.

‘He’s behind you!’ they shouted, ‘turn around!’, they yelped. Slowly but surely, the tree fell to its inevitable demise and collapsed on Cinderella.

Luckily, she was okay. Looks like I’ll have to be more careful in future. Chip chip for now, Chipper.