My Weekend: Hannah Morton

Hannah Morton
Hannah Morton
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Hannah Morton is a guest services team member at the Spinnaker Tower and events assistant at Southsea’s Kings Theatre. She is 23 and lives in Southsea.

When did you last go away and where did you go?

I went with my mum to Edinburgh before Christmas. We visited the Christmas markets, went to the cathedral carol service and visited various attractions including the National Gallery of Modern Art and the Real Mary King’s Close.

What was the last gig/concert you went to?

McFly 10-year anniversary gig at the Royal Albert Hall. I’ve been to six McFly shows and always love them.

What about the last theatre show you saw?

House of Burlesque at the Kings Theatre. It was an amazing show with a great variety of acts.

And the last book you read?

A Dangerous Fortune by Ken Follet. It’s set in the late 1800s, based around the banking world. It’s amazing how much scandal can take place in one family.

What was the last film you saw?

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, based on the book by John Boyne. It is set in the Second World War, through the eyes of an eight-year-old boy, Bruno, whose father is a commandant of a concentration camp. While playing, Bruno meets another young boy and they become friends even though they are separated by the electric wire of the concentration camp. It is a very moving film and having tissues nearby is useful.

What’s your favourite way to relax?

Doing yoga. I have a great DVD with morning and evening routines. It’s often hard to get to classes and being able to do it at home when I need to is perfect.

What do you watch on TV?

I love The Big Bang Theory. It’s funny and witty and 
always seems to be on.

Which celeb would you most like to spend a weekend with?

Coco Rocha – not only does she have a great sense of style, so would be great to go shopping with, but she seems like a lot of fun.

Where do you shop?

I love TK Maxx. It has all sorts of different styles, as well as the latest fashions and some great bargains.

Where do you eat out?

One of my favourite places is Zizzi. I love Italian food but being wheat intolerant makes it quite hard. Zizzi offers wheat free pasta with most sauces.

What’s your signature dish if you’re cooking?

Pasta with cheese and tomato sauce with basil and

garlic. Simple to make after a long day and tastes lovely.

What pubs and bars do you like?

The Wine Vaults in Albert Road is good. The downstairs area has a great bar 
atmosphere and then upstairs has a nice quieter area if you want to chat properly. Plus it’s nearby!

Do you have any hobbies?

I love dancing. I’ve tried all sorts over the years – tap, jazz, ballet, cheerleading, street dance. I’d love to

do ballroom so that’s next on the list.