My Weekend: Malisa Sledmere

Malisa Sledmere
Malisa Sledmere
Former Great British Bake Off contestant Enwezor Nzegwu takes part in a 24-hour treadmill relay at Portsmouth University Gym to raise money for cystic fibrosis. Fellow participant Dannii Hutchins gives support. 'Picture Ian Hargreaves  (180224-1)

Bake-Off star organises 24-hour charity run at University of Portsmouth

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Malisa Sledmere from Southsea is a volunteer at No. 6 Cinema in the Historic Dockyard. It’s the only independent cinema in Portsmouth and the not-for-profit organisation boasts the biggest screen along the south coast.

What was the last gig/concert you went to?

It was at No. 6 Cinema when the marvellous Mark Kermode came to talk about his latest book. It was very gratifying to see No. 6 sold out and bursting at the seams. I was impressed by his ability to talk to everyone about a wide variety of topics. Someone even asked if he were a dinosaur which one would it be and could he spell it. I didn’t hear the answer but apparently he could spell it!

What do you watch on TV?

Along with millions of others, and because I am addicted to cake, I watch the Great British Bake Off. I also love some of BBC3’s comedies such as Bad Education, Some Girls and Cuckoo. What I would like to see on TV, though, would be some really good programmes about film and the directors behind some of the classic masterpieces and movements in cinema history.

What was the last book you read?

Caitlin Moran’s How To Be A Woman. I read this book with great alacrity and when I had finished I wanted to go and buy lots of copies and give one to everyone I know. Caitlin is a master at bringing ideas into sharp focus and summarising the thoughts you have in a simple manner.

Which celeb would you most like to spend a weekend with?

Well, my guilty secret would be to spend the weekend with Matthew McConaughey. Don’t judge me too harshly. Most people would expect me to say a great film director like Herzog, Roeg, Loach or Leigh. However Matthew has been in some great films recently and although I never thought I could like the southern drawl, things can change! However a week with Tarantino, Hitchcock or Allen would be, beyond doubt, an extremely interesting experience.

When did you last go away and where did you go?

My last trip away was to Amsterdam with my daughter. Having a Dutch mother means that I always feel at home there. Of course while we were there I had to check out the cinemas. We managed to get to a screening of Woody Allen’s latest film Magician In The Moonlight. Luckily the Dutch prefer their foreign films to be subtitled rather than dubbed which was better for us as our Dutch is non-existent.

Where’s good for a day out locally?

West to east or east to west, walking along the seafront is the best. One of the volunteers at the cinema described this part of the island as some kind of heaven and I can only agree with her. Whether it’s stormy or sunny the air is amazing, the light is spectacular and there are interesting things to look at all along the route. In the west the ferries feel close enough to touch as they come into Portsmouth Harbour and in the east the beach with all of the plants make it a definite place of beauty.