My Weekend: Paula Walsh

Paula Walsh
Paula Walsh
The Bridge Tavern and Camber Dock''''Picture: Paul Simpso

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Paula Walsh, 40, is a personal wellness coach, fitness instructor and distributor of diet programme Herbalife. Her classes include Pilates, ballet fitness and Bokwa. She lives in North End.

When did you last go away and where did you go?

I’m away with my husband this weekend at a relaxing spa break to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. We will hit the gym first and then chill out in the spa. I’m looking forward to our evening meal....the restaurant has amazing food and fine wine! A rare outing without our children.

What was the last theatre show you saw?
I went to We Will Rock You in its final month with my sister-in-laws and my mother-in-law as a mini hen weekend celebration in London. A fantastic show, but I have never been disappointed with any shows I have seen.

And the last book you read?
I am currently reading The Happiness Advantage – The Seven Principles Of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success And Performance At Work by Shawn Achor. Achor presents seven principles of happiness and success based on the research and his experience consulting companies around the world......It’s all in the mind!

What was the last film you saw?

Frozen! Loved it! Our two daughters made us take them. We have the DVD and must have seen it 100 times!

What’s your favourite way to relax? time and a chance to think. I prefer early morning runs when everyone else is asleep.

Which celeb would you most like to spend a weekend with?

Richard Branson – I admire his success through sheer determination and positivity.

Where do you shop?

I mainly purchase food or sportswear so anywhere with a good deal on those!

Where do you eat out?
Anywhere with good, home-cooked food that serves a decent healthy meal, I don’t like fast food.

What’s your signature dish if you’re cooking?

It has to be salad...boring for some but I work on getting 
as many colours on my plate as possible served with spiced-up chicken, pork or fish.

What about pubs and bars? Where do you go?

We like to go to country pubs on a Sunday afternoon. These days my nights in bars are few and far between....I’m over all that now.

Where’s good for a day out locally?

Loading the car with a picnic and going off for the day. We like Hill Head, Petersfield lakes, Queen Elizabeth Country Park or Hayling.

And what about a day trip further afield?

It has to be London on the train. The girls love seeing the sights and hanging out in Hyde Park or Covent Garden.

Do you have any hobbies?

As a family we like to stay active. We often jog with the girls on their bikes. They love to draw and make things so I have to clear up!