My weekend: Richard Stride

Richard Stride
Richard Stride
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Richard Stride, 41, is the artistic director of the Groundlings Theatre. He is also an actor on stage, television and film. Richard lives in Southsea.

He lives in Southsea

When did you last go away and where did you go?

I went to Crete in the Summer so I could go away and relax somewhere different. I love history and we do a show on the Greeks so even though I was away I was still working.

Gaining knowledge and research to make our shows even better.

What about the last theatre show you saw?

We went to see Sister Act at the Kings Theatre with all the staff of Groundlings. It was a great show put on by Portsmouth Players and was lovely to be able to support another local group.

The last book you read?

I don’t get much chance to read books these days but I read lots of scripts and the last script I read was ‘The Three Sisters’ a Russian Play by Anton Chequov.

The last film you saw at the cinema or on DVD?

I watched Voyage of the Dawn Treader from the chronicles of Narnia. I was a fan of the books when I was younger and really enjoyed the film adaptation.

What’s your favourite way to relax?

Nothing beats watching Downton Abbey with a nice glass of wine and the cat on the lap.

What do you watch on TV?

Downton Abbey obviously, The Great Fire and Dr Who. That’s all that’s needed on the TV.

And which TV programmes do you avoid?

Hollyoaks mainly because of the atrocious acting (sorry to all of my friends who have been in it). And soaps in general do not entertain me. Day time TV is also a big switch off.

Which celeb would you most like to spend a weekend with?

Kate Blanchett because she is incredibly beautiful and I think she’s the most amazing actress ever and just awe inspiring. We would relax on a beach in the sun talking.

Where do you eat out?

I discovered a really nice place to eat called the Chambers in Portsmouth. The decoration is amazing.

In London I always love to go to Savastros because the décor and ambience makes it an enjoyable place to dine when eating great food.

What’s your signature dish, if you’re cooking?

I can make a mean slice of toast. But if that burns I make a great pasta and chicken summer dish with my own homemade sauce.

What about pubs and bars?

I like country pubs with open fires. Wickham Village has a lovely one. It’s a great place to relax.

Do you have any hobbies?

I like horse riding, open water diving and parachuting.

But I’ve not done that for a few years – I’d get down much quicker these days.

What’s a good idea for a day trip away?

For me it would always be London because of the mass of culture they have there. The diversity of everything with amazing shows and entertainment for everyone.