My Weekend: Sue Stokes

Sue Stokes
Sue Stokes
Former Great British Bake Off contestant Enwezor Nzegwu takes part in a 24-hour treadmill relay at Portsmouth University Gym to raise money for cystic fibrosis. Fellow participant Dannii Hutchins gives support. 'Picture Ian Hargreaves  (180224-1)

Bake-Off star organises 24-hour charity run at University of Portsmouth

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Sue Stokes, 53, is a wife, mother and founder of the Southsea Greenhouse community garden. She lives in Southsea.

When did you last go away and where did you go?

We stayed in a spa hotel in Farnham and booked a romance package. We had a lovely room with fresh fruit and chocolates and Champagne. We had some precious quiet time away from home – relaxation, massage, supper and the best sleep.

What about the last theatre show you saw?

We went to the Redgrave Theatre in Bristol to see Harvey, which was directed by my daughter Kate. It was a marvellous treat in a tiny little theatre space. I loved it and was so proud of Kate and her team.

The last book you read?

I don’t think I have read a book since I was on holiday in Greece a few years ago. That was the story of how the Innocent company set up their business and made it big by involving and empowering their workforce and listening carefully to what their customers liked and didn’t like – not rocket science, but a very good read.

The last film you saw at the cinema or on DVD?

My favourite place for films is No 6. Cinema at the Dockyard. It’s so comfortable and tucked away and has a brilliant range of films. The last film I saw there was Made In Dagenham, with one of my favourite actresses, Sally Hawkins, leading a team of female workers struggling for their rights. Nothing changes much, does it?

What’s your favourite way to relax?

I love to sneak off to the steam room and lie quietly incognito. Other than that, eating out with my family who I adore and miss so much, as most of them live away from home now. We do Come Dine With Me when they visit at Christmas and everyone thinks of nutty games as well as lovely food. We totally trash our tiny kitchen but it’s always the best fun!

Which celeb would you most like to spend a weekend with?

I’d love to bring back Eric Morecambe – he was just so unbelievably funny without even trying.

Where do you shop?

Waitrose for groceries because they are quite simply the best and everyone who works there is happy – with good reason.

Where do you eat out?

I love the Southsea Coffee Company. You just need to watch Tara pour a coffee and you will know why. They use local, fresh produce and really love their customers.

What’s your signature dish if you’re cooking?

Roast anything. I love to throw it all in the roasting pan with organic veg from the vegbox I pick up from Donna, who runs our food co-op. The flavours of the veg are locked in and make a marvellous contrast.

Do you have any hobbies?

I love making and growing. I’ve met the most amazing people at the Southsea Greenhouse, who put the spark into the city for me. We have cultivated a piece of wasteland, we run workshops and will soon be planting a community orchard.