Nicole is walking great lengths for grandparents

Nicole Blakey
Nicole Blakey
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This week’s We Can Do It T-shirt winner is Nicole Blakey who will be walking part of the Great Wall of China in memory of her grandparents.

The 25-year-old will be embarking upon her charity trek in October this year and with each step she takes she will be thinking of her grandparents David and Julie Farley.

Nicole, of London Road, North End, said: ‘I have great memories of my nan and grandad.

‘They both died from cancer and for my nan it was pretty fast.

‘She had cancer of the pancreas and everything happened so quickly. Then a year later my grandad died from lung cancer.

‘Because of what happened I would like to raise money for Cancer Research.’

And even though her 10-day trip is still several months away, Nicole has already begun training and collecting money.

‘I’m pushing my limit by doing this, so I hope I get a good response with donations,’ added the telephone account manager.

‘I’m going to the gym and also going on long walks to help get my fitness up.

‘I know a lot more money needs to be spent on researching cancer to see how it could be cured.

‘That’s why I’m raising money for Cancer Research.

‘I’m looking forward to my trip.

‘I know it might be tough, but I’m looking forward to a challenge.

Nicole is holding a private

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