Objections were a laughing matter for Ian and Rosie

Ian and Rosie Spanner
Ian and Rosie Spanner
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When the registrar asked if anyone objected to Ian and Rosie Spanner’s marriage, someone let his feelings be known.

But far from alarming the couple and their guests, the objection raised a lot of laughs.

Among the friends and relatives watching Rosie and Ian tie the knot were their two dogs Aire and Brynn, and it was Brynn who raised his voice at the most tense moment of the ceremony.

‘My friend, who’s a dog trainer, was looking after him and she got him to speak,’ laughs Rosie.

‘Everyone thought it was really funny.’

Rosie, 33, and Ian, 35, didn’t have to think for long about whether to have their beloved pets at the wedding. In fact, there was never a moment when they were not going to be at the big occasion.

‘They’re part of the family, of course they were invited, Everyone expected them to be there. I think they would have been more surprised if they hadn’t been at the wedding’ says Rosie before admitting: ‘But then it wasn’t your standard wedding,’

Rosie, who works for a housing association and is a dog trainer in her spare time, explains she is crazy about her pets, and a bit ‘crazy’ anyway, so the wedding was full of unusual details.

The bride selected her dress carefully – because she wanted to look stunning but also because she wanted to have a go on the rodeo sheep (not a real one) they’d booked as part of the entertainment.

Rosie and Ian, a submariner, had a beautiful ceremony at the romantic setting of Balmer Lawn Hotel in the New Forest. This was followed by a cream tea, Champagne reception, wine fountain and evening hog roast.

The bridesmaids wore royal blue and Aire the Staffordshire bull terrier had a matching collar with white flowers and crystals. ‘Of course I chose the bridesmaids’ dresses first.’ laughs Rosie.

The couple spent their honeymoon in gorgeous St Lucia.

They’re pictured enjoying their big day and before the wedding checking out the venue with the dogs.

n Picture: naomilloyd.co.uk