Parents help pupils learn about the past

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Schools have changed so much in the last few years so it is really important to Isambard Brunel Junior School to work with parents so they know exactly what is happening, writes headteacher Iain Gilmour.

One of the most popular ways of doing this are home-school projects.

Over the course of a term, parents and children work together on a project based on the current topic.

These projects are displayed during an end of term celebration.

Recently Year 4 families produced some amazing work on the Victorians.

The many models included penny-farthing bicycles, Queen Victoria’s crown, Isambard Brunel’s top hat and a candlestick for Florence Nightingale inscribed with her biography.

Written projects ranged from books about inventions to detailed biographies about famous Victorians.

At the same time Year 3 were looking at space and their projects included fabulous models of the solar system showing the planets with their different shapes, sizes and colours. One even had working stars.

The home-school projects are a key part of the school’s approach to learning.

Too often work completed in school stays in school and is not talked about at home.

Sometimes this is because children do not want to talk about their day and sometimes parents are not sure what to ask.

These projects help bring school and home closer together as well as giving families the chance to do some shared learning.

And they fit perfectly with two of the school’s vision statements: if it looks like learning and it looks like fun, then we’ve got it right.