Peter Pan fan Freddie is captain for the day

Freddie Stokes
Freddie Stokes
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Never let it be said that Freddie Stokes blends into the crowd when it’s his birthday.

The five-year-old had a pirates and princesses party, but his rogue of the high seas looked very different to everyone else’s.

‘Freddie loves Captain Hook so he wanted to look just like him,’ explains mum Gina. ‘He didn’t want to go for the usual pirate bandana and eye patch so we had to do a bit of searching.

‘He even had a hook which he carried for a while. It was made of foam though!’

The Southsea youngster is a big fan of Peter Pan’s adventures in Never Land and has been hooked on the stories’ villainous pirate for a long time.

‘I don’t know why, most children find him really scary.’ laughs Gina.

Freddie is a fan of the cartoon series Jake and the Never Land Pirates, which has a gang of young pirates competing against Captain Hook.

Entertainment at the party at St Swithun church hall in Southsea was provided by Charlie the Pirate, picture here with Freddie.

Charlie put on a comedy magic show and Freddie got to help out. ‘He’s usually very timid so I was really surprised that he was so happy to get up and be involved. Charlie was brilliant, he was so funny he had Freddie and the other children in stitches,’ says Gina.

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