Peter the greeter is happy to be working at the age of 80

Peter Cartwright at Sainsbury's
Peter Cartwright at Sainsbury's
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This week’s T-shirt winner is Peter Cartwright, who works as a store greeter.

Despite turning 80, Peter, of King Arthurs Court, is still working.

He has shunned retirement for a part-time job at the Sainsbury store in Fitzherbert Road, Farlington.

The retired teacher said: ‘You have to retire from teaching at 60 and I found it very boring.

‘You think “I’ll do the garden and do bits and bobs, but then you do it all and then think “now what?”.

‘So I sat down, had a little think, and went along to Sainsbury’s to ask if they had any jobs.’

He added: ‘The manager said he’d have a think about it, but by the time I got home he’d already called to say he had a store greeter position for me.

‘I started when I was 72 years old to fill my days and I’m happy to work here.

‘I hope in 10 years’ time they’ll still want me.

‘It doesn’t feel any different than the day I started.’

Peter worked as a PE teacher for 23 years and specialised in martial arts teaching.

He explained: ‘I’ve been doing martial arts for 37 years and I think that’s kept me fit. That and not going out and getting drunk.’

Peter works at the store two days a week, and in his spare time he also does oil paintings and has taken up horse riding.

He said: ‘I don’t want to become a grumpy old man. Working keeps me on an even keel.’