Pick-nicking in the park with Peppa Pig

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Oink, oink Chipsters! No, I haven’t gone mad or changed species. I’ve greeted you in my new friend’s language in honour of her this week.

You see chums, I made a new pal at the weekend- don’t worry though, I still love you lot all the same.

As most of you may know, Peppa Pig was in the area at the weekend and I just so happened to bump in to her. I was a bit starstruck to begin with, if I’m honest.

Peppa was visiting Thorngate Halls in Gosport and she’d whipped up quite a crowd - I wonder if any of you Chipsters were there too? I was there on a nice day out and for a picnic with my master. I had no idea that I would run in to one of the most famous farmyard animals in the country.

Peppa told me all about her latest adventures, including how she had just come back from a long nature trail with her family. They followed all kinds of different foot prints which lead to different animals.

They were supposed to have a lovely picnic like mine but Daddy Pig left it in the car. I felt so bad for her as her stomach grumbled that I snuck her a delicious jam sandwich.

I’m treating you all to another piece of artistic genius this week. Here is a lovely picture of a very colourful bear by Chipster, Ruby Warwick. Thanks Ruby!


Congratulations to not one, not two, but three lucky Chipsters who have won this week’s competition.

If your name is listed below, you have won a family ticket to see The Octonauts at The Kings Theatre. Well done you lucky lot.

n Katie Childs-Best (1036)

n Lucy Smith (1676)

n Lily Beach (900)

Must dash friends. Chip chip for now.