Pilot project at Mountbatten Centre could help you get fit and lose weight

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People who want to lose weight and get fit can take advantage of a new scheme at Portsmouth’s Mountbatten Centre.

The city’s Health Trainers already run free weight management groups across Portsmouth and have just started a six-month pilot project at the leisure centre in Hilsea every Monday and Friday.

Slimmers can learn about portion sizes, balanced meals and understanding food labels, in group sessions or on a one-to-one basis.

And the Mountbatten Centre will then provide exercise support to run alongside the weight management advice for a discounted rate of £4.50 a week.

If the scheme proves successful, it will continue to run alongside the Mountbatten Centre’s existing GP referral scheme.

‘There are so many great services and lots going on in Portsmouth, it’s important to bring it all together,’ says the centre’s manager, Danny Churcher.

The weight management groups and one-to-one sessions are run by the Health Trainers and designed to help people learn more about healthy eating, making good diet choices and keeping control of their weight.

Fitness experts will then help people write an exercise plan tailored to their individual needs.

The Mountbatten Centre also refers its own members to the Health Trainers when they need help with healthy eating, emotional wellbeing, stop smoking services, getting active and sensible drinking advice.

People can ask their GP or self-refer themselves by contacting the Mountbatten Centre on (023) 9262 6500 or emailing mountbatten@parkwood-communityleisure.co.uk