Pretty balloons have made me fit to burst

Coral Whitaker's balloon picture
Coral Whitaker's balloon picture
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David Curwen, centre, hugs his mother with whom he wa sreunited. Completing the group is his brother Keith

THIS WEEK IN 1975: Reunited after 30 years – but only thanks to a kind stranger

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Hello there my friends and welcome to your fun-packed Chipper Club page.

This week Chipsters, I’m in the mood to celebrate.

It’s not because it’s my birthday – if it was I wouldn’t be able to write because I’d have eaten too much cake and would be sleeping it off.

It’s because Coral Whitaker has sent me this fabulous balloon picture.

I think all balloons should have bows and shiny flowers, don’t you?

Well done Coral. That picture will take pride of place on the walls of my kennel and will really cheer the place up.

As some of you may know, I’m a bit of a scaredy-dog and when real balloons go pop I shiver and jump Scooby Doo-like into people’s arms. Now I can have lovely balloons that won’t burst.

Thank you Coral – I’m going to award you a Golden Pawprint, which you can see on the picture.

That’s a bit like getting a gold star at school. We print it when a Chipster has sent something lovely and special.

But I really enjoy all the things you send me.

In particular I’d like to see pictures of your pets. You could either draw them or send a photograph.

I’d love to see your dogs – I’m wondering if they’re better looking than me!

But maybe you have an unusual pet. A stick insect, anyone? Don’t forget to include their names and information about all their funny habits.

Until next week, it’s chip chip for now. Chipper x