Pretty parrots and a random rainbow

Ten-year-old Olivia Milne's beautifully-coloured parrot
Ten-year-old Olivia Milne's beautifully-coloured parrot
Ben Chudley''Ben Chudley warming up for his double event

Meet the runner ‘raffling off’ his body - with the winner choosing words for tattoo

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Hello there, my friends, and welcome to your friendly, fun-packed Chipper Club page.

Thank you so much for all your pictures, I’ve been blown away by your talent (but not by the wind, my friends, I’ve been keeping my ears firmly tied down in this weather so that I don’t take off).

In all that horrible rain we’ve had, I’ve been spending more time in my luxury kennel.

And now that all your bright and beautiful parrot pictures are on the walls, I’m feeling very cheerful.

Chipsters Coral Whitaker, Olivia Milne and Issabell Trigg did a grand job of colouring the parrot, well done!

And Olivia also sent me a random rainbow, which is just brilliant.

There’s no pot of gold at the end, but there is a Golden Pawprint – one for Olivia and one each for Coral and Issabell for using so many colours on their parrot pictures.

That’s the Chipper equivalent of a gold star and you can see yours on your impressive works of art

I love random rainbows but I also love those that I’ve printed for you to colour – like the one that I included on this page last week.

So get scribbling, my artistic pals, and send in your masterpieces.

I can’t wait to see them. As you know, my kennel is very big and the more pictures for the walls the merrier.

Until next week, it’s chip chip for now.

Chipper x