Prizes galore when you’re in my club!

Lauryn Irvine's drawing of Chipper.
Lauryn Irvine's drawing of Chipper.
Portsmouth & Southsea railway station by Andy Cooper

LETTER OF THE DAY: Please tart up our railway stations

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Hi there Chipsters! Welcome to this Saturday’s Chipper Club page.

Film fans will be delighted with this week’s Chipper Club competition. You can win goody bags from the new film Rio.

Chipster 1411 Lauryn Irvine, from Gosport, knows how much fun it can be entering one of my club competitions.

Lauryn, 10, was delighted when she won Primeval DVDs recently and wrote me a letter to say thanks.

She wrote: ‘Thank you sooo much for my Primeval prize. Whenever Primeval comes on the television I can’t resist watching it! I have never won a newspaper competition and that’s why I screamed when I received the letter.’

Lauryn also sent me the great picture on today’s page. Thanks Lauryn I loved it and I’m sure the rest of the Chipsters will too.

Do you like drawing? Send me your pictures and you might see your work in print.

That’s it for this week friends so until next Saturday I’ll say chip chip for now!

Love Chipper X