Pupils’ sporting challenge

Winning pupils got to go to the Paralympics
Winning pupils got to go to the Paralympics
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Pupils were set a unique challenge to celebrate a year of sporting history.

Inspired by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, teachers at Neville Lovett Community School in Fareham asked pupils to clock up 2,012 minutes of extra-curricular activities.

The first 30 students to complete the challenge, which was launched in February, won a ticket to the Paralympic Games.

All of the pupils who completed the 2,012-minute challenge will have their name etched on to a celebration board which will be permanently hung in the school’s reception.

Chris Collins, the school’s head of PE, came up with the idea. He says: ‘It was all about raising participation in extra-curricular activities throughout the school – not just in sport – and it worked out really well.

‘All of the clubs had an increase in attendance, because everyone wanted to win.’

The challenge was split into five stages and as each student passed one of the sections they were awarded a badge the colour of one of the Olympic rings.

The winning 30 students and four teachers – who also had to complete the challenge through the amount of minutes they spent running the clubs – saw a number of events at the Paralympic Games in the Excel Centre.

These included watching a Team GB sitting volleyball match, table tennis and powerlifting.

Chris adds: ‘It was fantastic and such a good experience for the kids.

‘It raised their interest in sport and all the extra-curricular activities we run at the school, which is exactly what we wanted. We’re really happy with how it’s worked out.’