Pupils went back to the swinging Sixties

(Left) Livia Jeram, seven, and Isobelle Rowley, seven. Picture: Sarah Standing (122313-7852)
(Left) Livia Jeram, seven, and Isobelle Rowley, seven. Picture: Sarah Standing (122313-7852)
Picture: Shutterstock

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Schoolchildren have travelled back to the 1960s as they created a fashion show from the era.

Pupils at Northern Parade Infant School in Hilsea, Portsmouth celebrated the 1960s as they were studying it for one of their topics.

They were set a challenge to research art, fashion and music.

And to finish off the project, the Year Two children created their own fashion show, performed in front of their parents, with clothes they had designed themselves.

Maria Gleed, Year Two teacher and assistant head of the school, says: ‘It was linked in to our 1960s topic where were were comparing past to present looking at music, fashion and lifestyle.

‘It started off with a message from a secret agent that the government files had been lost and we had to find out about the 1960s.

She adds: ‘It was great. The parents loved it.

‘The children were so enthusiastic. It was really good because it included both the boys and the girls.

‘The boys designed shirts and the girls designed dresses.

‘It gave them an insight into a different time.’

Maria says that studying the 1960s was beneficial to the children because it helped them connect with their families.

‘They spoke to their grandparents and asked them questions and it became real for them because they are people they know who had been around in the 1960s. So there was that link,’ she says.

‘The children loved it. It’s a really good topic. They got a lot from it.

‘They realised that the environment back then was very similar to what it’s like now, apart from the everyday devices that we have now.

‘Hopefully what we gave them will stick and stay with them for a long time.’

The children recreated Andy Warhol-inspired paintings, designed their own Mary Quant-inspired outfits and performed Beatles, Dionne Warwick, Elvis Presley and Petula Clark songs.

They also pretended to go into space and re-enacted a lunar landing.

The show finished with an end-of-year leavers song which was inspired by a One Direction song but rewritten using the experiences from the children’s time spent at the school.