Put out the flags – it’s St George’s Day

St George in action against the dragon
St George in action against the dragon
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The Scots, Irish and Welsh make a huge thing of their national days, but we English, for some reason, have been a little backward in coming forward.

Things have got a little better in recent years, but on Thursday – April 23 of course – it is St George’s Day and here at Dunyelping I’ll be flying our patron saint’s red cross flag from the roof of my kennel.

My good pals McTavish the Scottish terrier, Fergus the Irish setter and Deano the Welsh border collie, will all have to bow before the flag. Well, that’s my plan...

The National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.

The National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.

April 23 is a great excuse to enjoy or learn about some of England’s great, if not bizarre, customs and traditions. For example, there’s cheese rolling, maypole and Morris dancing, worm charming and bog snorkelling.

It’s also the day when we can think about knights, castles and dragons. Why? Because St George was famous for slaying the dragon and I’ve found you a marvellous picture to colour and send me of that very moment.

He might be the patron saint of England, but George was a Roman soldier who protested against the Roman torture of Christians and was killed for his beliefs.

But did you know there’s also another great reason to celebrate April 23? For not only was it the birthday of our greatest writer, William Shakespeare, it was also the date on which he died. Alas, poor William. Chip chip for another week. Your old pal, Chipper.


Of course, St George had a horse which he rode into battle with that evil dragon who was about to gorge himself on the king’s beautiful daughter.

But I bet he wished he had had four wheels to get there. Perhaps one like that in this picture at the National Motor Museum down the road at Beaulieu in the New Forest.

Three lucky Chipsters and their families will now get the chance to spend a day there ogling the wonderful cars from all eras that are on display.

The winners are:

James Duggan 340

Edward Woolgar 348

Renee Cleugh 5058