Roy is ‘Man of Year’ at slimming group

Roy Charles has hit his weight loss target. Picture: Steve Reid Blitz Photography (132442-118)
Roy Charles has hit his weight loss target. Picture: Steve Reid Blitz Photography (132442-118)

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He’s used to making children’s birthdays really special, but Roy Charles recently had his own reason to celebrate.

The party entertainer was named Man of the Year at his Slimming World group after losing more than two stones and reaching his goal weight.

Better known to the region’s youngsters as Charlie the Magical Clown, Roy has a hectic lifestyle running agency Children’s Party Entertainment with wife Nikki.

But the Portchester magician and comedian found that racing from job to job and being on the road for comedy gigs meant he wasn’t controlling his diet.

‘I’d lose weight and put it on again, I was a classic yo-yo dieter I suppose. When I first joined Slimming World I was 15st 10lb but I had been up to 18 stone and had a tendency to put it back on,’ he says.

Slimming World has had the desired effect and now he’s more confident of keeping the weight off.

‘If I was on the road, I’d grab snacks and then at children’s parties the mums would come over with a plate of food. It was quite hard to make sure I was eating the right things,’ explains Roy.

‘I was surprised at how much you can eat with Slimming World and still lose weight. You have to make sure you prepare but if you’re organised it becomes quite easy to follow.’

Slimming groups are usually female-dominated and this means they can seem a little daunting for men, but Roy says being in the minority can be an advantage.

‘You tend to get lots of support and encouragement from the women because there are fewer men there.’

He joined wife Nikki to support her after she put on weight during steroid treatment for breast cancer.

Roy says she’s doing fine and both are pleased with the progress they’ve made.

They even did a charity walk from Portsmouth to London and he was particularly proud of Nikki.

Slimming World hasn’t only helped them lose weight.

‘There’s a lovely atmosphere at our group, lots of nice people. We’ve made a lot of good friends,’ says Roy.

The organisation encourages memb-ers to eat as much as they want of the right things but allows for treats in moderation.

Roy says it helps to be part of a group and believes more men should give it a go. For information on local groups visit