Runners go the extra mile to get fit and feel better

Sarah and Kevin Green, from Southsea Fitness, put Simon Pearce through his paces. Picture: Malcolm Wells (122607-5093C)
Sarah and Kevin Green, from Southsea Fitness, put Simon Pearce through his paces. Picture: Malcolm Wells (122607-5093C)
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Going to the gym isn’t for everyone. No-one appreciates that more than Kevin Green and his wife Sarah, owners of Southsea Fitness.

Together they run hour-long sessions that focus on unique military exercise methods designed to remove all the fitness frills you might find in gyms.

Run Faster is a new class to help increase muscle strength, endurance and above all self-confidence through a cardio beasting.

As an ex-international boxer and qualified training instructor, Kevin understands the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

And the coaching team perform free bleep tests regularly to show how much their members are improving.

Each session holds an average of 20 people but the coaches aim to interact with all their members individually.

Qualified life coach and fitness instructor Sarah also provides a free care package for everyone.

‘It’s like having a personal trainer,’ she explains.

‘We provide a one-on-one service at the fraction of the price.

‘We spend a lot of our time updating our Facebook as well to answer questions and provide useful tips.’

Southsea Fitness has no age restrictions and members range from 18 to 67.

‘We take on anyone and everyone regardless of ability and have people from both ends of the fitness bracket,’ adds Sarah.

‘You don’t have to be fit to start – but you will be when you finish.’

The Run Faster group offers core strength circuits, a running club, boxing and a mixture of all different training programmes outside.

The group meets every Monday at 6.30pm on Southsea Common for outdoor sessions everyone can enjoy.

Each session costs £5 and it’s on a pay-as-you-train basis with no joining fee.

Dedicated members range from professional boxers, women and men hoping to join the Royal Navy, people tackling illness and those who just want help sticking to their new year’s resolutions.

‘The results are dramatic. We have one member who was in remission after suffering with leukaemia,’ adds Sarah.

‘During his first session his illness made it almost impossible to do one push-up.

‘After only one year with us his fitness has gone through the roof and he can now work.

‘He says it’s been life changing.’

Members say the class improves their mental ability to push themselves further, as well as their fitness.

‘We couldn’t have asked for a better team who are committed to helping people reach their personal maximums,’ adds Sarah.

‘Fitness can be quite scary if you’re new at it.

‘We go above and beyond and love doing it.’

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