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HEDGECOCK: My mother, Mrs Joan Mitchell, used to stay with a lady she only knew as Nana Hedgecock who lived in Porstmouth while waiting for my father Alex Mitchell, who served in the Royal Navy, to return from his draft, this was in 1952. Nana talked about her son K O Hedgecock who died whilst serving on HMS Illustrious in 1941.

My mother, brother and myself visited Malta and took a photograph of his gravestone in Imtarfa Cemetery, Malta in 2009.

My mother who is now aged 83 would dearly love to know if there are any members of the Hedgecock family still living in Portsmouth. I hope you may be able to assist.

Clark: Are there any descendants of William and Sarah still around in the Portsmouth area?

They had five children, William, Charles, Selina, Francise and Rosina.

The 1871 census had them living at 19 Milton Road, Portsmouth.

My mother would very much like to hear from any descendents.

FIELD GUNNERS: In 1956 I was in the Royal Navy’s Devonport Field Gun Crew whose base was HMS Drake in Devonport.

Earlier this year the MoD gave the Field Gun Association notice to leave Devonport Dockyard. The association found a new home at Crownhill Fort, Plymouth which is now a small Devonport Field Gun Museum. When the records and equipment were transferred to Crownhill it became apparent that all records and photographs for the 1956 crew were missing.

I’m trying to trace any field gunners from 1956, or any other year, who may have photographs or other personal records. If we could make copies they could then be included in the museum records. I know how much it would mean to me and to any other 1956 Field Gunners to have our achievements included in the museum. I’d be delighted to hear from old field gunners of any year. I could give them details of the Devonport Field Gun Association.

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