Saturday, February 18, 2012

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FLUX: I am trying to establish a link with members of the various Flux families living along or near the south coast of England where the name is fairly popular.

The link needs to be with the Oxfordshire villages of Filkins, Langford, Lechlade and Farringdon with such names as James Flux and Anne Davis who married in 1779, their children Elizabeth and Richard; James Flux who married Mary Garlick in 1853 and John Flux who married Emma Baker in 1877.

Appropriate Oxfordshire records from 1780 cannot be found but I feel sure there must be Flux family historians in your area trying to establish the link but in their case it is from the south towards Oxfordshire.

I would very much appreciate it if they would contact me at or 01484-716280.

Alan Flux

40 Foxcroft Drive


West Yorkshire


ASHDOWN: I’m ex-RN cook Robin Tompkins and I’m looking for cook Steve Ashdown who served on HMS Nelson and Hms Lowestoft late 70s. If you have any information to help me, please get in touch.


PLEASURAMA STAFF RE-UNION: A reunion is planned for September 2012 in a Southsea venue, for former staff of Pleasurama, the company that ran Neros, Joanna’s, The Honky Tonk Bar and Tiberius in South Parade, Osborne Road and at Portsmouth dog track, as well as the Tricorn Club and Granny’s from 1973 to the end of the 1980s.The occassion is open to anyone who remembers and was a regular customer to those venues. Anyone interested please contact Mick.

023 92 371018