Saturday February 19, 2011

Portsmouth & Southsea railway station by Andy Cooper

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Helping people locate friends or family they’ve lost contact with.

TURNER: I am seeking one of, or all three Turner brothers, Len, Donald and Derek.

They originated from the Portsmouth area and moved to St Leonards on sea about 1939/40. They lived at 95 Hollington Old Lane, I lived at 107. In 1952 we had to enlist for National Service and the family moved back to the Portsmouth area.

Could you please assist me in tracing these old friends, we are now 76 years old.

Dennis Moon

14 Park Avenue

Hastings, East Sussex TN34 2PG

01424 427 820

JENNIE: I have never forgotten our time in Gosport in 1968.

Much has happened since then but it would be good to know how you are.

If you would like to get in touch, call me.


01142 369 752

ROBINSON: I am writing to trace some long-lost family members who have a connection to the Portsmouth and Gosport area.

It’s an urgent request as I have some pressing news for them. I am searching for my cousins – the children of my late mother’s brother.

Nobody on my side of the family has ever met them despite searching. I’m hoping that my cousins, or someone who knows them and their whereabouts, might get in touch.

My cousins are Peter, Kim, Kevin, Simon and Steve Robinson. I believe that some or all of them were born in the Portsmouth and Gosport area between 1955 and 1970. Their father, my Uncle Cecil also known as ‘Rob’, was in the navy and came originally from Staffordshire. Their mother was named Lila, which might have been short for something. That’s all I know.

Mr Doug Watson

BUSUTTIL: My wife and I will be celebrating our Golden wedding anniversary soon.

We are trying to contact Charles Busuttil who was our best man in 1963.

He is Maltese and became a close friend during our apprenticeship in the Portsmouth Naval Base in 1957.

He married an English girl from around this area. We lost touch after that.

Terry Crawford

(023) 9267 3680