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What would you do if your sister's husband made a pass at you?

DEAR FIONA: My sister’s husband made a pass at me – what should I do?

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Helping people locate friends and family they’ve lost contact with

Hamble Valley Round Table Reunion: Can you please help us find our friends we made in our club in Fareham and have lost contact with?

Hamble Valley Round Table was formed in 1975 with Jim Simpson (local Solicitor at the time) as the founding chairman.

Unfortunately the club closed in April 2002 after many successful years due to falling numbers.

A successful reunion was held in October 2011 following six months of research to find the 113 members it had recruited over the years.

16 members could not be found despite all efforts and it would be very satisfying and rewarding to contact them again for the next reunion.

We would like to invite them to the next reunion and update them on old acquaintances and renew friendships.

We have lost contact with: Roger and Carol Crick – he was a Building Society Manager. Brian Quittenden – Banker. Paul and Kay Smith – Retail Furnishing Manager. Steve and Mandy Dunn – Estate Agent. Simon and Mary Jones – Accountant. James and Sue Watts – Garage Proprietor. David and Sally Drew – Building Supplies Manager. Lee and Barbara Lawrence – Sweetheart International Gosport.

Eddie and Hilary Connick – Director Plant Hire. Marc Boggia – Golf Professional. Jim and Janet McCook – Halifax Building Society.Paul and Nicky Witts – Record Producer. Nick Fletcher – Lombard North now in Australia. Dave and Christine Harris – Plumber. Duncan and Sharon Kendall. Phil Blake – School Teacher.

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