Saturday, July 30, 2011

Portsmouth & Southsea railway station by Andy Cooper

LETTER OF THE DAY: Please tart up our railway stations

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Helping people locate friends and family they have lost contact with

PETERSFIELD SCHOOL: As the organiser of school reunions for one year of a Petersfield school, I am wondering if anyone will be able to help my quest to find the last few members of our class of 78 people. Having tried all other internet options I feel that an appeal through your newspaper might be my last hope of locating 64-year-old Alan Bennett.

David Newns

KNIGHT: I am trying to contact members of the Knight family, descendants of John Knight b. 1836 Hambledon and Elizabeth Knight nee. Ings Daysh b. 1836 Wickham. They settled at Milton in 1861 and went on to have a large family. Inparticular descendants of the following relations:

n Eliza Harriet Knight m. James Coates

n Frederick Charles Knight m. Jane Mack

n Henry Thomas Knight ‘aka Uncle Harry’ m. Ethel Kemp

n Alfred Mark Knight m. Ellen Radford.

n Harriet Hoare/Gregson nee Ings Daysh b. 1849 Wickham

Next generation:

n Mary Louisa Knight lived Eastney

n Henry James Knight

n George Edward Knight lived at Stampshaw.

n John Alfred Knight live at Copnor

There will be a get together 1st October.

A lot of work has been carried out on the family tree of the Knights of Hambledon by Barbara Heskeith, who sadly died last year. If you think you are connected and want a copy of the tree contact me.

Pam Gran

02392 612346 or

SYKES: I’d like to find my nephew; his name is Ronald Kevin Sykes. He used to live with his mother and a Harry Pringle; I’ve just heard that Mr Pringle is dead so I can’t ask him anything and I don’t know where the others are.

I believe they lived in Southsea; Ronald may be using his middle name Kevin. He is the son of my late brother Ronald Albert Sykes.

Ms L Sykes

The Anchorage