Saturday, October 15, 2011

Portsmouth & Southsea railway station by Andy Cooper

LETTER OF THE DAY: Please tart up our railway stations

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Helping people locate friends and family they’ve lost contact with

Harbridge: I am trying to trace a long lost family member from the Portsmouth area.

I was adopted in the 60s and spent most of my youth imagining being the child of a young unmarried mother who was given up for this reason.

Much later in my life as I began to trace my birth family I have discovered that I have older sisters. I have traced one branch of the family in Canada and I have also discovered there is another half sister who stayed in England with her dad in the Portsmouth area.

It is this person who I am hoping you maybe able to help me trace.

Her maiden name was Lesley Harbridge and I believe she married and became Lesley Wilkinson.

MCKINLEY: I’m looking for dad Ronald McKinley. I believe he’s been living in the Portsmouth area since 2001.

Alan Mckinley

07950 524159

SykeS: I am looking for a relative, named Ronald Kevin Sykes, probably calls himself Kevin. I don’t know his mum’s name but his dad’s was Ronald Albert Sykes, sadly not with us any more. I am his Aunt Louie.

023 9271 0275

SAIT: Looking for my lost friend Roy from my National Service days 1948 – 1950.

He lived in Elson, Gosport and was in RAOC stationed at Bramley C.A.D near Reading. Last contact in 1968-69 when I visited his home in Elson.

He was married in the 1950-55 period to Margaret and at the time of my visit they had two daughters. If Roy is around today he will be approx 81 years old. I’d be grateful for any news.

John Wilks

01202 762366

PETERSON nee MOORE: Gwynneth originally from Fareham now living in New York. I would like to contact anyone who remembers me from Lee Tower, Lee-on-the-Solent.

001 347 327 1213. Evenings only, USA time.