Saucy thief flew off with my sandwich

GREEDY Guard your sandwiches when he's around
GREEDY Guard your sandwiches when he's around
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Greetings Chipsters everywhere. Well, didn’t that week fly by?

Talking of flying, it seems like only yesterday I was telling you the tale of the outrageous seagull which swooped down and stole my eraser at Baffins Pond while I was sketching the pond life.

I promised you more of that day and that bird, so here goes.

When the gull took off, with my rubber in its beak, I leaped into the air to try to catch it and bring it down. But it was too quick forme.

However, not to be beaten, I gave chase as it flew very low around that lovely urban beauty spot and I was sure I could catch it when it touched down on the perimeter path.

I did this until I was on the other side of the pond when the canny bird, with a wicked glint in its eye, decided to fly back across the water to where we started.

After all that running and jumping I was a bit breathless so it took me a while to get back to my spot. What do you think I found when I did? For there standing nonchalantly on my tartan picnic rug was that bird with its beak deep inside my Tupperware lunch box.

And in that beak was a huge chunk of my treasured Melton Mowbray pork pie! It had already managed to smash, de-shell and gobble down two of my hard-boiled eggs and devoured half a rhubarb chutney sandwich.

I barked my scariest bark and bared my fangs, but the bird just winked saucily and flew off. And that was the end of my picnic. Chip chip for now, Chipper.