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The Submariner's Memorial Chapel in Fort Blockhouse.
The Submariner's Memorial Chapel in Fort Blockhouse.
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For one very special day, Royal Navy heritage sites in Gosport will be open for everyone to view.

The SETT Tower, Fort Blockhouse and HMS Sultan will open their doors to showcase their hidden heritage.

It’s part of a fundraising drive to save HMS Alliance, the historic Second World War submarine based at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum.

Hidden heritage tours of Fort Blockhouse will include a visit to the Submariner’s Memorial chapel, the officer’s mess to see the Wylie paintings and visitors can also head to the SETT tower, the 30-metre deep tank where submariners are trained to escape.

The tour of Fort Blockhouse will also be led by a retired submariner. The tours of HMS Sultan will include a visit to Fort Rowner, the Fleet Air Arm aircraft hanger and the Marine Engineering Museum.

Chris Munns, director at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum, says: ‘We are really grateful to our Royal Navy neighbours in Gosport for granting access to their impressive heritage and their continued support of our bid to raise the last amount of money required to save our own historic HMS Alliance.’

HMS Sultan has been home to all three branches of the armed forces, while Fort Rowner and Fort Grange were home to the Army from 1862 until the First World War.

Tickets for both the tours and the talk are available at or from the Royal Navy Submarine Museum by calling (023) 9254 5036.