Scared Spookley hid in big pile of leaves

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Greetings Chipsters everywhere. Exciting times in the garden here at Dunyelping.

At the weekend I was playing British Bulldog with Brindley Milligan, my exciteable feline friend (he didn’t get the joke, unfortunately). I’d just flattened him with a flying tackle which would have graced Twickenham and we ended up in a big pile of leaves beneath the chestnut tree.

As we pulled ourselves to our feet we were stopped in our tracks by the sound of a disgruntled grunt from deep within the leaves. Turns out it was our old mate Spookley the Square Pumpkin. You might remember him from his children’s TV show about 10 years ago?

Spookley has been having a high old time since his retirement from the small screen, apart from each autumn when he goes into hiding. That’s him on the right for you to colour and send me.

It appears he’s terrified of being turned into a Jack-o’-lantern at Halloween; being given a big, scary, toothy grin and having candles placed inside his head.

Now, that’s the last thing Brindley or I would ever do to our old mate, so we persuaded him to emerge from his cover and take refuge in my spacious kennel where he enjoyed a hot tub and a facial.

He was a little uncertain at first, but when I brought along his best pals Mustard, Bell and Boris the fruit bats, he relaxed, settled into his wheelbarrow and brought us up to date with everything new in his life. Apparently he’s become a whizz at pumpkin poker. That’s it for now my friends, Chip chip,