School’s fantastic fundraising

Deputy head James Bowen with twins Adam and Thomas Pascoe-Cook, aged eight
Deputy head James Bowen with twins Adam and Thomas Pascoe-Cook, aged eight
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Schoolchildren who went the extra mile for Sport Relief earlier this year have just collected sponsorship totalling a staggering £4,337.

Youngsters at Newtown CoE Primary in Gosport were over the moon this week when the sum total of their laps round the school field at the end of March were finally calculated.

The amount of money raised by all 412 pupils marks the biggest single fundraising effort in the history of the school – and will make a real difference to the lives of the most vulnerable people in the UK and the world’s poorest countries.

Thomas Pascoe-Cook, eight, circled the field seven times in a 118 outfit with his twin brother Adam.

He says: ‘We were told the 118 men were going to come as celebrity guests – but we had no idea they would be our headteacher and deputy headteacher! We all ran together and had lots of fun.’

He adds: ‘Doing seven laps was hard work but worth it. I’m proud our school raised so much money.’

Anlore Steele, nine, accompanied by her father Matt dressed as Batman, also ran seven laps.

She says: ‘There was excitement in the air. I did believe we could raise that much money because people were getting lots of sponsorship – I managed £90 and I know someone who got £120.

‘When I heard the final result it made me feel so happy. This is the first major charity event I’ve been involved in and it was brilliant, even if my dad was a little embarrassing!’

Jack Hearnden, nine, went round six times with his dad Simon in a Robin outfit.

He says: ‘The whole day was fun but what was even better was the amount of money we all raised.’

Matthew Prince, headteacher, joined forces with deputy head James Bowen (pictured) dressed as the ‘celebrity’ 118 men.

He said: ‘We sent out a newsletter and told the children the 118 men would be making a guest appearance – it was nice to see some of them picked up on the theme and came in fancy dress too!

‘It was a brilliant day and the weather was glorious. Now we’ve counted the sponsorship I can say this is the biggest amount we’ve ever raised for charity from a single event, it’s overwhelming.’

He adds: ‘I managed 10 laps, but I think James did 20 – we did get a bit competitive!’