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Have fun colouring this tiger's face
Have fun colouring this tiger's face

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Grrr – hello there, my friends. I’m practising my best growl in case I ever come across one of these fearsome creatures.

Now, usually I’m the one chasing cats. but when they’re this big and scary, I don’t fancy my chances. What do you reckon, do you think your old pal Chipper could take on a tiger and win?

No? Well maybe I’ll challenge him to a tail wagging competition. I’m sure to win that – I’m such a happy chappy. In fact I’m known for being chipper – get it?

Tigers, of course, are magnificent animals and I’d like you to make this one look as splendid as possible.

In real life, these amazing creatures are of course orange, but I’m sure they would love to sport a little glitter on their fur.

As he’s top dog in the jungle (or actually top cat), so make sure you make him look very important.

But if you fancy sending in a multicoloured tiger, that will be fine (and rather funny) too.

I was reminded of tigers when one chatty Chipster e-mailed to tell me all about his time at Marwell Wildlife Park.

I loved hearing all about it and will be printing his picture next week – and yours too if you’ve been out on any fun days.

Chip chip for now. Chipper x