Set Your Goals

Pop-punk outfit Set Your Goals should be applauded for not giving into the trend of wearing cliched new-era caps and skinny rolled-up jeans or whatever fashion style is currently in.

They let their music be their appearance and all credit to them. Its just a shame that it's not very good.

A half-empty Wedgewood Rooms really told the tale earlier this week as the spirited support acts play to a motionless, poser crowd.

Fireworks and, in particular, Broadway Calls are solid enough but it's easy to feel sorry for them as the crowd don't move a muscle during their sets.

However, as soon as Set Your Goals hit the stage, a little bit of life enters what is left of the sparse audience.

Here in support of their sophomore album, entitled This Will Be The Death Of Us, Set Your Goals inject that pop-punk feeling into a few of the die-hard fans at the front but the rest of the crowd seems unconvinced, this reviewer included.

Set Your Goals aren't particularly bad by any stretch.

It's just that why settle for average when you can listen to a superior alternative like Four Year Strong?