Six months to get a leak repaired is just not good enough

Maggi Bridgman (corr) with her patio doors at her home in Southsea, '' ''Picture: Allan Hutchings (13801-794)
Maggi Bridgman (corr) with her patio doors at her home in Southsea, '' ''Picture: Allan Hutchings (13801-794)
The Bridge Tavern and Camber Dock''''Picture: Paul Simpso

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People who spend thousands of pounds of their hard-earned cash on home improvements expect nothing but the best.

That’s why Maggi Bridgman chose Everest when she decided to give her Southsea home a bit of a makeover.

The 63-year-old former library supervisor pumped all of her retirement money and more into replacing their rather elderly double glazing from the 1980s.

‘We thought we’d be safe with a big reputable firm,’ she said, ‘but that confidence turned out to be misplaced.’

Despite initially being well-satisfied with the £17,000 upgrade, her problems with Everest started just a few months after the completion of the work in 2010 when the patio doors sprang a massive leak.

As the work was covered by Everest’s 10-year guarantee, Maggi was confident the fault was just a teething problem that would promptly be put right.

But in a taste of things to come, it took four months for Everest to fix it.

All went well until September 2012, when the patio door started to leak again.

When she contacted Everest to remedy the recurring fault she got the cold shoulder.

Maggi said: ‘Communication with the company was non-existent.

‘Despite repeated promises, my calls were never returned.’

‘Bizarrely in this day and age, their letters didn’t give an email address and signatures were unreadable.’

The message was clear – don’t call us, we’ll call you.

At her wits’ end and almost five months since she first complained, Maggi turned to Streetwise for help.

Within hours she was elated to find Everest’s national customer relations manager on the line.

He arranged an appointment to get the job done, but a week later apart from a visit by two technicians, no remedial work had been started.

Maggi told Streetwise about her continued anger and frustration with the firm and we laid it on the line to Everest again.

A further appointment was promised and this time – six months after she first reported the leak – the door was finally fixed.

A relived Maggi said she was grateful to Streetwise for helping her with the battle to get Everest to honour their guarantee promises.

Everest spokesperson Richard Lawrence apologised to Maggi for the poor service and admitted the company had let her down.

‘We appreciate and acknowledge that Mrs Bridgman has had some previous issues with her initial installation, and at times the service she has received has fallen below the Everest Standard. For this we are truly sorry. ‘

‘We have remained committed to resolve these issues.

‘All the works have been completed and Mrs Bridgman has told us she is now happy with the products she has purchased from us.’

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