Skipping down to the start line is not as carefree when in training

Emma Judd and fitness instructor and  trainer Dawn Grant
Emma Judd and fitness instructor and trainer Dawn Grant
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When News reporter Emma Judd signed up for this year’s Great South Run, she knew she’d need some help. As personal trainer Dawn Grant, from Portsmouth-based 24/7 Fitness, puts her through her paces, she’ll be writing about her progress each week.

I’ve spent the weekend in a state of controlled panic.

Why? Because yesterday, I took part in the 10km Portsmouth Race For Life.

There I was in my pink running waterproof, with a sign pinned on my back saying I was raising money for Cancer Research in memory of my grandad Jim and my mate Howard, hoping the wind would drop so it didn’t have to be harder than it already was.

I was struggling to believe anything could be worse than the preparation for it because in the lead-up to the event I had been made to skip. That’s right, like a be-pigtailed 10-year-old.

All I can say is that the 10-year-old version of me would have been ashamed.

I skipped for three minutes and the next day I couldn’t raise my arms above horizontal.

Oh, and I was also made – by the ‘lovely’ Dawn – to run up and down the Guildhall steps (no jokes please) in the pouring rain, being mocked by people manning a Cadbury’s stall which was in place for the Olympic torch relay.

And do you know what was worse?

I wasn’t even allowed any chocolate after I’d finished.

Read more about how I got on at Race for Life – and how the rest of my training is going – next week.