Spooky times just around the corner

Erica Walsh's drawings
Erica Walsh's drawings
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Hi there Chipsters, I hope you’re all being good and feeling great.

Just in case you’re not on top form, have a look at this week’s hilarious jokes. They’re sure to get you chuckling – maybe even rolling around with laughter.

That’s what I like to do but people think I’m wriggling around to scratch my back. Okay, sometimes that is what I’m doing – my paws won’t reach after all.

A dog’s got to do what a dog’s got to do. We’re not always as well-behaved as you children.

You’ll notice, my fun-loving pals, that there are a couple of spooky jokes this week.

I thought I’d tell you those because Halloween is coming up. In the next couple of weeks I want you to send me Halloween pictures and jokes and maybe you’d even like to tell me a short ghostly story.

Just don’t frighten me too much my friends. You know I’m a bit of a scaredy-dog.

A big thank you this week to Erica Walsh for her brilliant flower and balloons. A Golden Pawprint (that’s like a gold star) to you Erica for drawing my picture.

I know, I’m very vain. But Erica has done a brilliant job. You can see the pawprint next to your picture, my friend.

Until next week it’s chip chip for now.

Chipper x