Spot the animals in safari word search

The Chipper Club wordsearch
The Chipper Club wordsearch
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Hello my friends and welcome to your friendly, fun-packed Chipper Club page.

This week it’s time to put the colouring pens away and get out your puzzle pencil.

Instead of a drawing to colour, I thought you might like to do a word search.

All you have to do is find the animals hidden among the letters. I’ll tell you what you’re looking for otherwise you might be puzzling over it all night and forget to go to school.

The words to find are aardvark, cheetah, elephant, lion, baboon, zebra, hyena and hippo.

Do you know what those animals have in common, my friends?

They all come from Africa, which is full of exciting creatures.

I bet you’ve seen some of them on visits to wildlife parks and maybe some of you have been lucky enough to spot them in the wild on holiday.

While you’re searching for the animals in the puzzle, lots of people are looking for the real creatures on safari trips.

I’d love to go to Africa. But I don’t fancy my chances against a lion, even if I do my fiercest and loudest grrrrr!

Anyway, let me know how you get on. Can you find them all?

A Golden Paw Print (the Chipper version of a Gold Star) to anyone who sends drawings of the animals too. I’ll be impressed if you know what an aardvark looks like.

Until next week, it’s chip chip for now.

Chipper x