Spring clean your mind for a happy healthy summer

Relax and have a good mental clear-out.
Relax and have a good mental clear-out.
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Spring is the perfect time to dust off the cobwebs and have a good clear-out.

But don’t focus all of your attention on your home. Our minds can benefit from a good de-clutter and polish too.

The principles of a good spring clean can work wonders for our wellbeing but – just like cleaning our homes – it requires a little elbow grease too.

But if you follow this guide, you could be heading for a lighter, brighter mind by summer.
Time to de-clutter
Interior designers and psychologists agree that a cluttered physical environment can impact our moods and having a good clear-out can be transformative.

The same goes for our minds; is mental clutter making you stressed, or sapping the joy from life?

After all, it’s difficult to stop and smell the roses when your brain’s constantly whirring with tasks not yet completed, the long list of people you need to get back to, guilt at having to say no to a relative’s favour request, or the phone call you keep putting off.

‘Clutter is oppressive, whether that’s externally in our environment or internally via the mental clutter, anxiety and stress in our mind. We all need to create an environment conducive for planting our seeds of possibility and restoring mental energy,’ says Cheryl Rickman, author of The Flourish Handbook (flourishhand book.com)
Spring clean kit
A number of tools can help de-clutter and clear minds.

First and foremost, recognise your own role in your everyday stress – do you have a habit of taking on too much, does relaxation and ‘me time’ play second fiddle to everything else, and are you constantly glued to your smartphone?

Breathing exercises could help with your clear-out.

‘Try breathing in for five seconds and out for five and watch your thoughts mindfully pass by,’ says Rickman.

‘Focus on your breathing, rather than your thinking, to distract yourself from negative assumptions and start afresh.’

Finally, forgiveness can be a highly effective de-cluttering aid. ‘If you need to forgive someone, even yourself, write a letter to that person. The process will freshen you up and re-energise you mentally to take on anything,’ Rickman suggests.