Student is boxing clever

Josh Wilde
Josh Wilde
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Highbury College student Josh Wilde has proved he’s fighting fit by turning his life around with a healthy bout of boxing.

The 16-year-old catering student has thrown himself into a tough fitness and healthy eating regime after discovering a love of boxing as part of the college’s student enrichment programme.

In just two months since joining Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Club he has lost two stone.

Josh who was recently awarded his preliminary, standard, bronze and silver National Boxing awards at Charter Community Sports Centre in Southsea, said: ‘When I joined the college I found out they had set up sessions with the boxing club so I started going every week. I enjoyed it so much that I started training more and more.

‘Now I have one-to-one sessions with my coach who has helped me learn what I should be eating and what exercises I should be doing.

‘I exercise every day, and I eat much healthier food – I even like vegetables now!’

He added: ‘The skills I’ve gained from boxing are to be confident working on my own, to focus on what I am doing, and to have commitment. These skills have helped me in my catering course as well as in the ring.’

Josh’s mum, Sharon Wemyss says that boxing has changed her son’s life.

‘This was the lad who used to lie in bed until 11am,’ she said.

‘Now he’s up at six every day to start exercising.

‘It’s made him so much more confident. He carries himself differently. I’m so proud of him for working so hard and doing so well.’

Josh has always wanted to be a chef but is now setting his sights on Olympic boxing stardom.

He said: ‘I see myself becoming national champion first, then Olympic champion and after all this, world champion. I reckon I can accomplish this by staying focused and committed.’

Josh’s coach Paul Kapnisi applauded his motivation.

He said: ‘I’ve been working closely with Josh for about three months, and he has done brilliantly.

‘Sometimes it seems like he’s pushing himself harder than I am!’