Stunt show is a monster of a spectacle

MASSIVE Monster truck Extreme Revisited leaps over and ''crushes parked cars at the Extreme Stunts Show on Southsea Common. (122909-157)
MASSIVE Monster truck Extreme Revisited leaps over and ''crushes parked cars at the Extreme Stunts Show on Southsea Common. (122909-157)
Ben Chudley''Ben Chudley warming up for his double event

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From BMX bikes to monster trucks to fire stunts, hundreds of people turned out over the weekend to watch the Extreme Stunt Show.

This year, the event returned to Southsea Common for three days.

BLAZING A stuntman is set on fire (122909-059)

BLAZING A stuntman is set on fire (122909-059)

People packed onto the field to see the impressive motorsport display with motorbikes and BMX bikes going up and down ramps, and stunt men performing world class stunts.

Jane Batey, one of the managers, said: ‘We have been to 142 towns this summer. This is our last week.

‘We are fortunate enough to have three days in Southsea. We’re just coming to the end of the tour and it’s a great location here on the common. It attracts a lot of visitors so it warrants three days. Thankfully, judging by the crowds, we were right.

‘It’s not something they see every day. Most of what they see is only on TV. It’s a live performance and it’s very good value.

‘We have a few enthusiasts here but the majority of our audience is family based which is great because it’s a lovely audience and they really appreciate the show.

‘It’s an outdoor show and luckily it’s been good weather. But even in bad weather people come out.’

Scott Fitzgerald, 34, from Purbook, took along his four-year-old son Lyndon.

He said: ‘It entertains the boy for a couple of hours. Plus I have always wanted to see a monster truck.

‘It’s very impressive. I have always loved bikes but I’ve never seen them live like this.’

Sam Titcombe, 37, from Pembroke Park in Southsea, took along her two children – Harvey, six, and Chloe, eight.

She said: ‘It’s good. The kids have enjoyed it. It’s a good thing to do as a family. It’s nice to be able to have these events on each year to come and see.

‘My little boy likes it. It’s really impressive.’

Trevor Allen-Worth, 49, from Gosport, said: ‘It’s very good, it’s excellent. It’s something very different to do on a Saturday afternoon. And it’s a bargain.

‘I like these kinds of things, it’s just something entertaining.’

The Extreme Stunt Show continues in Southsea tonight from 7.30pm. Tickets can be bought on the gate at £12 for adults or £6 for children.