Summer loves a pizza the action

Summer Kent with her birthday balloons from Strawberry Dan
Summer Kent with her birthday balloons from Strawberry Dan
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When it comes to birthday parties, Summer Kent is a girl who knows what she wants.

The four-year-old from Gosport wanted just two things: to make pizzas and strawberry cakes. Luckily, her mum Tammy runs a party shop in a café, so her request was easily granted.

Summer invited her siblings, cousins and friends from Noah’s Ark Pre School in Gosport to Rosie’s Kitchen and Tammy’s One Stop Party Shop on Rowner Road, Gosport, which was transformed into a pizzeria for the afternoon.

Each child had their own dough and sauce and made smiley faces and love hearts out of the toppings, which included mushrooms, sweetcorn and pepperoni.

‘Anything a four-year-old would do with dough, they did,’ says Tammy. ‘Squidging it between their fingers, stretching it across their faces, spinning it around, poking holes in it... they did it all. But that is part of the fun – we had some round pizzas, square ones, ones with holes in, but the children made them all by themselves.’

Once the pizzas were in the oven, the children played pass the parcel and musical bumps. Their artwork didn’t last long after they were cooked, but luckily Strawberry Dan was on hand to make some balloon models to replace them.

The party was rounded off by icing some cupcakes – and Summer was quick to use the strawberry pink icing.

She also received a birthday cake made by her sister Lacey-Love, 17, and an iPad mini from her family.

n Picture: Tammy’s One Stop Party Shop