Super Chipper comes to the rescue again

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Hello there Chipsters. You may recall me mentioning I had been selected to take part in the Dunyelping dog show. Well, since then I’ve upped my walks to keep myself fit and healthy for the big day.

This week, on one of my many strolls, I heard a peculiar chirping coming from the hedge. It took me quite by surprise. When I went to investigate, my curious snout sniffing the hedge-side, I noticed it was in fact a baby bird.

He’d gone in search of a tasty looking worm and become separated from his family, who, he told me, were all still splashing away in the nearby lake.

The only problem was, the field was incredibly busy at that time of day. It was late afternoon you see and the world and his wife were out for walks or playing sport. The bird was so tiny he could have been trampled if he had attempted to make it back to the lake alone.

This is when I offered my services – my new feathered friend crawled up on to my back and off we went, across the field and over to the lake where he was safely reunited with his worried mum.

I’m thinking about telling the dog show judges all about my heroic rescue. They may even give me an extra medal for bravery.

Congratulations to not one, not two, but three lucky Chipsters who have won my Castles word search competition.

If your name is listed here, you’ve won a Disney book. Well done you lucky trio. If you didn’t win this time, never fear, you can have a go at my new competition below, in which you can win one of four family tickets to see Basil Brush at The Kings Theatre. Britain’s most loveable fox guarantees an afternoon of laughter and entertainment. Good luck Chipsters! Boom boom!

n Lily Reid (2053)

n Kelsey Heatley (822)

n Jasmine Bone (18)

Must be off now friends. Chip chip for now. Chipper