Surgeon Michael runs extra miles to raise charity money

Mike Thompson
Mike Thompson
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A SURGEON is this week’s We Can Do It T-shirt winner after he ran the Paris Marathon to raise cash for two charities.

Michael Thompson raised £2,000 when he took part in the run.

The 67-year-old was a consultant surgeon for 27 years – first at St Mary’s Hospital, Milton, and later at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, before retiring three years ago.

During his career he had worked with patients suffering from bowel cancer, but he also experienced it in his personal life.

In 1979 Michael’s wife Judy was diagnosed with the condition and thankfully pulled through.

He said: ‘My main concern was my girls would grow up without a mother.

‘At the time they were three, five and nine.

‘Our daughters are all married now and have children themselves.

‘And they got to have a grandma, which is fortunate. She is a good grandma.’

Michael took part in the Paris Marathon earlier this month and crossed the finish line after four hours and 50 minutes.

‘The first 21 miles I was amazed at how easy it was,’ added Michael.

‘The last few miles were more difficult. But my aim was to not stop running.’

Money has been split between the Ileostomy Association and Lynn’s Bowel Cancer Campaign. To donate money go to