Take a deep breath and land that job

Relaxation techniques can help in interviews
Relaxation techniques can help in interviews
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You’ve researched the company, selected the perfect outfit and worked out your travel arrangements.

But have you learned how to calm your nerves, control your reactions and project a calm, confident demeanour?

Interview nerves are natural, but let them get the better of you and it could be a recipe for failure.

As more people enter the job market and competition becomes fiercer, mastering our mental state and learning to perform rather than panic is essential.

It’s all about looking after yourself and spending time focusing on mental wellbeing, says author Nita Saini.

Easier said than done for some. That’s why Nita, a mind wellbeing expert who has written self-help book Moving On Up, is running a confidence-building and relaxation workshop.

Called Building Confidence for Successful Interviews, the session takes place at Waterlooville Library and Learning Centre on Friday, November 1.

‘It’s a fun, interactive, practical workshop where people can learn simple but effective techniques that they can put in place immediately to help their confidence levels,’ says Nita.

For example, participants will learn about the importance of breathing properly and adopting good posture and will learn exercises to get them in the right frame of mind before the interview.

‘We look at things like breathing which is totally underestimated in the western world,’ says Nita.

‘When we’re panicky, we tend to take shallow breaths and that releases stress hormones – the fight or flight hormones. Taking deep breaths really makes people feel better.’

Nita borrows confidence-building techniques from the martial arts – but that doesn’t mean karate-chopping the potential boss.

‘These are mind techniques that help you to be in the best state to perform successfully. They’re about getting us into a more constructive state of mind.

‘Stress puts us in a disempowered state. We don’t think clearly. When we’re more relaxed we better take in information and perform properly.’

Of course the techniques don’t guarantee success but Nita says part of confidence-building is believing that the right job for you is out there.

The workshop runs from 9.15am to 2.45pm. Call (023) 9225 2608. Visit movingonupthebook.com to find out more about Nita and her work.