Teenager is hoping to track down her father

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JONES: Tamara Tame is looking to find her father Steven Jones. Tamara, who is 18 in April, has never met him.

She knows he was a navy cook and a boxer, who would be in his late 30s or early 40s now, and who comes from Birmingham.

His best friend is called Adrian Cousins, also known as Plug.

Tamara Tame


CROFTS: After having my school photo of 1955 printed in the Daily Mail on June 2 a classmate contacted me from California with very important news for Sarah R Cowan (nee Bone) born in 1964 at St Mary’s Hospital, Portsmouth.

Allan Crofts


HUDSON: At the end of November I wrote asking if any reader might be related to a teacher I fondly remembered from some 60 years ago when he taught at Reginald Road Primary School in Eastney when I was about 10 – in 1957 my family all left for Canada and at 14 years of age and no e-mails, lost touch with all.

In about one week I received replies from not only the man’s two sons in different parts of the world but subsequently from Mr Hudson himself, now a spry 93-year-old.

To say I was thrilled would be an understatement and guess what?

Mr. Hudson has a first name, Bill, still Mr. Hudson to me though. The News, thank you very much you bridged a void from my school days.

John Davies