The 10 best: Barbecue Gadgets

Use a grilling plank to achieve an extra smoky flavour
Use a grilling plank to achieve an extra smoky flavour
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Things to make life better and easier for you.

1Landmann Piccolino portable charcoal barbecue, £38.97, from Tesco Direct.

Looking for something light and easy to transport? This pretty lavendar barbecue should do the job nicely.

2 Asado ‘flameboy’ tool, £7.95, from

Manning the barbecue can be fun but sometimes you need a helping hand. The flameboy has seven functions in one gadget, making it easier for you to cook and entertain.

With one tool you can grab, cut, scoop, fork, tong plus open a beer for your mate and a bottle of wine for the missus.

3 Meat cuts apron, £22,

If you’re eating plenty of meat you might as well show your guests that you know your stuff. This cotton apron features a handy guide to the different cuts of meat. Just keep it away from vegetarians.

4 Thai basil barbecue skewers, £5.95, from

Skewer your meat or vegetables and slide on to the barbecue to let the heat-activated sticks do the job of marinating your food with a subtle Thai flavour.

5 Grilling plank, £19.50 for four, from

If you’re serious about barbecues you’ll want to get your hands on one of these grilling planks.

Available in two types of wood, the planks help infuse your food with an unbeatable smoky flavour – and stop food sticking to the grill.

6 Burger press, £12, from John Lewis.

This heavy-duty double press features an easy-to-clean non-stick coating, allowing you to make home-made burgers, 11cm in diameter.

7 Digital thermometer, £9.99, from Homebase.

Make sure no-one goes home with a dodgy stomach from uncooked meat with this handy gadget.

Stick the fork in your sausages and the temperature will come up in the display panel on the handle.

8 Corn on the cob holders, £4.49 for a pack of two from Robert Dyas.

Give your guests the gift of clean hands when they tuck into corn on the cob you’ve griddled on the barbie. These silicone skewers fit neatly into each end, keeping your fingers free from butter.

9 Barbecue sword, £14.99, from

Made from stainless steel, this novelty barbecue fork will help your man feel like he’s the king of the barbecue. The hand-guard protects you from flames and spitting fat, the blade is perfect for skewering sausages – and the sword comes with a free cut-out Musketeers mask.

10 Instant disposable barbecues, £1, from Poundland.

Looking to do things on the cheap? These disposable barbecues are perfect for the casual outdoor eater who doesn’t want to buy a gas-powered beast.