The 10 best: Coffee Gadgets

Now you can create the perfect coffee at home
Now you can create the perfect coffee at home
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Things to make life better and easier for you.

1 Milk frother – £11 from

Fans of coffee shop-style lattes and cappuccinos need this battery-operated milk frother at home. A quick twirl will whizz up a jug of milk in no time.

2 De’Longhi Icona ECO 310 – £179.99 from

This Icona coffee creator has a two-in-one professional filter holder, so you can load it up with ground coffee, or use special pods. There’s also a stainless steel milk frothing arm to create the perfect creamy cappuccino every time.

3 Slogan mugs – £10 for four from Next

Slurp your coffee in style from one of these attractive mugs combining the famous ‘carry on’ slogan with Olympic-themed pictures.

4 Lloytron coffee bean grinder –£10.99 from

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly-ground coffee beans to put you in the mood for a brew. Plug it in, throw in your beans and give it a whirl for the perfect cuppa.

5 Logik L12FCB10 Coffee Maker – £13.90 from

If you want to enjoy the coffee bean in its purest form, then the Logik filter machine is the one for you.

Simple to use with a sleek stainless steel and black design, it’ll create up to 10 cups of brew at one time. It also features a keep-warm function, so you can slurp all day.

6 Starbucks ready brew sachets – £3.95 for 12 from supermarkets.

Get your caffeine fix at home with these one-cup sachets of the coffee shop giant’s tasty blend.

7 Philips Saeco Xelsis Digital ID – £1,700 from

This unique coffee machine uses a hi-tech fingerprint recognition system to deliver your drink just as you like it, storing up to six personal user profiles and up to nine different variations on your drink.

You may want to look away from the price, but if you’re a regular at high street coffee bars, you could break even in less time than you think.

8 Art of Coffee app – £1.99 from iTunes

There are more coffee-based apps than you may imagine and coffee art is apparently a real skill. This app includes a step-by-step guide on how to produce the perfect froth.

9 AeroPress coffee maker – £29.99 from

Ideal for when you’re camping, or find electric coffee machines too expensive or difficult to use.

Place your coffee in the chamber, add hot water, stir and press the plunger. The air pressure forces the mix through one of the included micro-filters.

10 Krups Dolce Gusto KP210640 coffee machine – £99.99 from

Major players Nescafe and Krups bring you this stylish, multi-coffee capsule machine that’ll create six different drinks with ease. Pop in one of the 18 varieties of pod available, pull down the handle and wait while this gadget delivers your drink in no time.