The 10 best: Festival Essentials

An ultimate festival kit
An ultimate festival kit
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Things to make life better and easier for you.

1 Portable speaker – £14.99 from

Plug this into any music source and it’ll release all your songs in a stereo fashion.

It has a clip, and also a bit of Velcro too, making it almost indispensable for those who just cannot operate without music in the airwaves.

2 Pac-Man Poncho – from £4.95 at

Not only aimed at fans of the ridiculously popular pill-munching game which heralded the beginning of arcade gaming, but at all others wanting to avoid dampness.

Don your red or blue poncho and shield from the inevitable. Even if it doesn’t shower, you’ll likely want to pop this on to show off anyway.

3 Hunter unisex gloss wellies, £49.99, from

These posh wellies have become a festival staple for everyone from Coleen Rooney to Kate Moss.

With plenty of cool colours to choose from you’ll look practical and stylish at the same time.

4 Ultimate Festival Kit – £26.99 from

Those serious about festivals really need one of these to cover all eventualities.

Created by a couple of festival veterans, this cotton drawstring bag contains everything you need, including an emergency blanket, lip balm, poncho, tissues, toilet seat covers, glow-in-the-dark whistle, and much more!

5 Batiste dry shampoo, £2.99, from Boots.

You do know you won’t be showering for the weekend don’t you? This dry shampoo is a God-send when it comes to festivals.

6 Festival Feet – £4.95 from

We really don’t mean to put a dampener on your festival season, but you need to prepare in case of a deluge.

This nifty idea is one that’ll appeal to anyone wanting to simply keep their shiny new footwear in top spec, and remain cool. Slip a pair over your footwear and they’ll protect against the elements.

7 Three-in-one head torch, £7.99, from

Perfect for late night toilet trips or just finding your tent in a field after dark.

8 Eurohike rucksack, £20, from Millets.

Stash your stuff in a handy rucksack to make your festival trek a doddle.

This one has plenty of room for your kit plus a wide selection of useful pockets.

9 Ella-Ella umbrella – £24.99 from

This LED umbrella has a transparent, acrylic optical fibre shaft which, at the press of a button, glows in six colours. For anyone who likes a light show or needs something to brighten their day, it’s a must-have.

10 Essentials kit, £7.99, from

This useful box is packed full of essential products for festivals, camping adventures or summer holidays.

Inside there’s mini wipes, an air freshener to keep your tent smelling fresh, face and body wipes to freshen up, moisturising lip balm, toilet seat covers to keep you sitting pretty.