The 10 best mobile must-haves

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After redefining the look of a Bluetooth earpiece last year, the Jabra boffins have brought us a hands-free unit that is totally touch-free. The new voice-control system inside not only allows you to make calls, but the earpiece will tell you who is calling and then you can decide to answer or ignore them.

2 Canyon iPhone bike holder, £14.99, from

What every flash cyclist needs – a handle-mounted holder for their iPhone. No more rummaging around in your pocket with this gadget.

3 Sony Ericsson Xperia Play – free on contract at

Sony Ericsson has finally announced a PlayStation phone after years of speculation. Featuring a four-inch touchscreen, a slide-out keyboard, the iconic gaming buttons and the left/right trigger keys, this promises to offer an involved gaming experience.

4 LG Optimus 3D – free on contract at

This will be the first 3D-capable handset in the UK when it arrives at the end of March and demand is likely to be high. You won’t need glasses to enjoy the 3D imagery either, as just a quick flick of the dedicated 3D button brings everything on-screen to life. The Optimus 3D also has two cameras on the back so you can capture 3D videos or pictures.

5 Creative D100 Bluetooth speaker, £59.99, from

Ditch the boring black bluetooth speaker and go for something more colourful instead.

6 HTC Incredible S – free on contract at

The matt-black finish sets it apart from the crowd in the style department. But this baby isn’t just a pretty face, as its blisteringly quick processor means it can easily handle multiple applications on its super-bright screen.

7 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – £500 from

The South Korean outfit launched its first tablet device with a seven-inch screen last year and has now decided to go for a screen size that matches that of the iPad. This Android device has a superb screen display and dual surround-sound speakers.

8 Eighties iPhone case – £12.99 from

This case will protect your iPhone and give you instant yuppie status. And if you fancy donning a pinstripe suit and pretending you’re a stockbroker in the 1980s, then this is the perfect accessory.

9 Golla G545 Cosmos bag, £1.80, from

Carry your phone, MP3 or other gadget in a stylish, hard-wearing pouch like this one.

10 Blackberry leather desk stand, £7.48, from

It folds, it’s neat and it will keep your Blackberry Pearl where you can see it.